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When you schedule the procedure within 30 days of receiving a vet’s cleaning recommendation.

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Prior to the appointment, you will receive specific care instructions. We ask that you not feed your pet after midnight the day before the procedure. They are allowed to drink water up until you leave the house the following morning.

Once the technician admits your pet into the hospital and talks to you, you are free to leave. You can be assured that your pet will then be examined by your doctor, administered pre-anesthetic medications with placement of an intravenous tube, then given a comfortable place to wait. Within a short period of time, your pet will then be fully anesthetized. You can read more about anesthesia in our FAQ.

Once your pet is fully anesthetized, your vet will carry out the dental cleaning and polishing, x-rays, and any necessary extractions, as described in Common Procedures section above.

After the procedure, we transfer your pet to the comfortable cage to warm him or her and to sit with them until they are breathing well and almost sitting upright. The entire time during recovery your pet is under our watchful eyes. In almost every case, your pet will be discharged later on that same day. Your vet will provide you with specific at home care instructions. Your cat or dog may be a bit groggy and wobbly on their feet the remainder of the day, but otherwise should be back to normal after a good night’s sleep.

Depending on the severity of the dental disease, your pet may need to take medications for pain and infection.

Your Pet May Need Veterinary Dental Attention If You Notice Any of the Following:

The following symptoms could indicate a serious problem with your pet’s teeth and gums.

Bad breath

Blood, pus, or other discharge from around the teeth


Obsessive pawing or clawing
around the face

Decreased appetite

Trouble eating dry food

Red or swollen gums

Swelling on the side of
the cheek

Behavioral changes

How is your pet's dental health?

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