Planning For Dental Care Expenses

Understanding the Costs for Cat and Dog Dentistry

Even relatively mild dental disease requires specialized medicines and more sophisticated equipment to ensure the pet’s safety, which certainly adds to the cost of veterinary dental care. Many pet owners understandably feel these costs are too much. However, they should be put into perspective.

  • Dental disease can be incredibly painful — It can be the case that tooth or gum disease is behind your pet’s bad behavior.
  • Dental infection puts your pet’s immune system under stress, leading to comprised function of the heart, kidney, and liver. In very extreme cases the infection can cause septicemia and death.
  • Over the course of your pet’s lifetime, dental cleaning and polishing can actually save you money when compared to the damage caused by progressive dental infection and disease.

Preventive dental care and early intervention is the best way to keep your pet from suffering unnecessary pain and developing irreversible health problems.

We offer a few ways to alleviate the expenses of dental care:

First, a 10% discount when scheduling a cleaning/polishing within 30 days of an examination with a grading of your pet’s dental disease.

CareCredit financing is also available, which allows qualified owners to pay for their pet’s treatment in manageable monthly installments.

Contact us to learn more about these benefits or to schedule an exam for your pet.

Receive 10% off your pet’s dental procedure.

When you schedule the procedure within 30 days of receiving a vet’s cleaning recommendation.

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Your Pet May Need Veterinary Dental Attention If You Notice Any of the Following:

The following symptoms could indicate a serious problem with your pet’s teeth and gums.

Bad breath

Blood, pus, or other discharge from around the teeth


Obsessive pawing or clawing
around the face

Decreased appetite

Trouble eating dry food

Red or swollen gums

Swelling on the side of
the cheek

Behavioral changes

How is your pet's dental health?

Speak to our team if you would like to discuss your pet’s health with a veterinarian, and ask us about our dental discount!