Arnold Pet Station has been proud to serve our community since 1992. Meet the people that make our team so great and learn more about us!

Our Commitment

Arnold Pet Station provides the highest quality veterinary care, along with peerless customer service. We are dedicated to making you and your treasured pet part of our family. Every member of our staff is an animal lover, and you can expect each of them to treat your furry friend with the same compassion and respect they show their own pets. We recognize that each pet patient and client is unique, and our approach to patient care reflects that understanding. While we use standard protocols as guides, our treatment recommendations are designed to fit each patient’s individual health care needs.

Meet Our Team

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Arnold Pet Station! We’re very proud of how caring and knowledgable our staff is and invite you to get to know them. Please call us at 410-544-1130 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Leslie Carr

Dr. Carr, our lead vet, has wanted to be an animal doctor since high school. She picked up her passion working for a local veterinary clinic in her home state of Ohio. And she’s been living her dream since 1984 when she earned her DVM from The Ohio State University. She came to Arnold Pet Station in 1992. In 2011, she expanded her veterinary expertise with a certificate in Veterinary Spinal Therapy (also known as chiropractic medicine). She is an accomplished surgeon and loves getting to know her clients at a personal level. When she’s not at work, she cares for an assortment of pets: including sheep, chickens, dogs, and fish.

Dr. Kelly Stern

Dr. Stern takes a holistic approach to animal health and specializes in acupuncture and dental care. She earned her DVM in 2006 from Colorado State University and has been at Arnold Pet Station since 2014. It was at Colorado State where she also received her specialized training—a certificate in pet acupuncture, and several advanced courses in pet dentistry. She is trained in identifying oral diseases, interpreting radiographs, and tooth extraction approaches that reduce pain, anesthesia, and recovery times. But she’d love to never perform any extractions, and so advocates that owners give their pets regular dental screenings along with routine checkups! Dr. Stern has a husband, two small children, a yellow Lab named Kona, and a black Lab named Chester.

Specializations and Expertise in Pet Dentistry:

Dental prophylaxis, oral pathology, surgical extractions, Oro-nasal fistula repair, periodontal therapy, bonded sealants, anesthesia, oral surgery, and dental radiology.

Dr. Lindsay Laird

Dr. Laird is locally raised and educated. Originally from Hagerstown Maryland, she earned her DVM from Virginia Tech in 2010 after undergraduate coursework at McDaniel (form Western Maryland) College and several years in cancer immunology research at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Her professional interests include surgery, internal and emergency medicine. When she’s not helping busy helping pets, she enjoys time relaxing with her husband Sean and a Pit Bull mix named Rufus!

New Clients Welcome!

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Our Practice Manager

Lisa McKeague

Lisa has been with the Arnold Pet Station since August, 2012. She is our Practice Manager. Lisa owns Koa & Kai – Siamese cats (brothers). “I’ve had them for 15 years. First time I’ve owned siblings. I highly recommend it. What a joy they’ve been to me and Caesar – African Grey Parrot. He’s 28 years old and been with me for 26 years. He is a character and has a lot to say.” And her most recent addition is DeeDee, a rescue mixed breed pup. Lisa is married with two grown sons. She loves hiking, camping, playing sports, sewing and my animals. In the future , “I hope to still be taking care of business at APS and enjoying life with my husband and sons.”

Our Veterinary Technicians

Damian, Veterinary Technician

Katie, Veterinary Technician

Wendy, Veterinary Technician

Jen, Veterinary Technician

In Memoriam


Lynn was our hospital manager for 17 years. Sadly Lynn left this world on November 17, 2014. We will miss her deeply and cherish her memory always.

Our Facility

At Arnold Pet Station, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art medical treatment for companion animals by using the latest in diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive health care, as well as routine treatment for every stage of your furry family member’s life. Our facility, designed with the comfort of you and your pet in mind, is fully equipped to handle all of your pet’s veterinary needs.

Main Entrance

Reception Area

Pet Care Area

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

Our Approach – Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Arnold Pet Station is proud to be a part of the Fear Free Veterinary initiative.

At Arnold Pet Station, we use aromatherapy, pheromone therapy, food therapy and when necessary, light anti-anxiety medications. Research has shown that the scents of Lavender and Camomile are calming to both humans and pets.  We use these scents throughout the hospital.

All of our exam rooms have pheromone diffusers – Feliway for cats and Adaptil for dogs. Feliway is a synthetic pheromone similar to that feline facial pheromone used to mark their territory as safe and secure. Adaptil is similar to the pheromone that mother dogs emit to their puppies to comfort them. Upon arrival at the front desk, your dog will be offered a bandana sprayed with Adaptil. Your cat will be wrapped in a blanket sprayed with Feliway. We work hard to keep their time in the waiting room to a minimum.

We love to give treats! We have special treats for food allergic animals too. Our staff cares just as much about your pet’s emotional well-being as their physical well-being during their routine visits.

If we are still not successful in reducing your pets’ stress and anxiety to an acceptable level, we can use anti-anxiety medicines or reschedule at your convenience.

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