Boarding Reservation Forms

Step 1

Appointment & Registration

Please call us for a boarding reservation appointment at (410) 544-1130 to schedule your pet’s stay before completing our online forms. New customers must also complete a pet registration form.

Step 2

Boarding Care Instructions

Please complete the form below to provide us with pre-check-in information, requests, and special instructions for your pet’s stay.


Boarding Care Instructions

Boarding Care Instructions

How can we reach you if we have questions about your form?
Is there another phone number we should try in the event of an emergency?
Sunday pick-up is 8am-11am only.
If different from the owner

Dogs must be no more than 80 lbs combined weight.
How much and how often do you feed your pet?
Name of medication, frequency and amount of dose
Does your pet have any health concerns? Would you like any medical services performed while they are boarding? Are there any special instructions for your dog or cat's boarding stay?
Describe any instructions for cleaning your pet's cage.
Describe any health concerns or special instructions for your exotic pet's care during their stay.
Please list all belongings you will be leaving with your pet for their boarding stay. Please be specific. Example: leash, collar, brown stuffed bear, red Kong ball, green cage cover, etc.
Additional charges apply. Subject to availability. Must pick-up pet after 4pm on pick-up date.

Step 3 - Authorization

Please print, sign, and bring this form with you when you drop-off your pet. Must be completed annually.

Boarding Authorization & Consent for Treatment

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